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10 Things You Need To Do If You Are In A Car Accident

What is wrongful death? Who can file a wrongful death Lawsuit?

Did you know that motorcycle accidents are a number one cause of fatal roadway accidents in this country?

Plaintiff’s Status On Slip And Falls​

The lack of care can lead to serious injury to yourself, others, and possibly even death

A bad faith claim can occur when an insurance company unjustifiably denies a valid claim.

Often we do not think of walking as being a dangerous form of transportation.

There were 677 deaths as the result of bike accidents in 2011.

Florida has the highest percentage of residents that are 65 and older.

Florida leads the country in the number of boating accidents.

A lot can go wrong in the time between when a person sees a doctor and when the person receives the prescription.

Florida had the 5th highest number of uninsured motorist among all the state in U.S.

Product liability cases are very difficult to pursue, it is, therefore, important to hire a personal injury lawyer with experience.

Firearms safety is a topic, which for all intensive purposes, probably needs more attention paid to it.

Mark Perenich is a member of the Lawyer Pilot Bar Association, he is a Superlawyer, Top 100 trial attorney

You probably have not heard of many personal injury lawyers advertising for workers compensation. Here’s why.

Mark Perenich knows all too well how difficult it can be to receive SSDI Social Security Disability Benefits.

Slip and fall cases are both painful and can cause severe injuries that may even ruin one’s life. 

There are certain things you have to keep in mind when considering a malpractice case, here are some guidelines for filing a malpractice case.

There have been cases where a serious injury has been latent or undiscovered until a later time.