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Common Pharmacist Errors

A lot can go wrong in the time between when a person sees a doctor and when the person receives the prescription. Even more mistakes can occur between the time a pharmacist fills a prescription and takes the drugs.

Prescription mistakes occur based on from a pharmacist misreading a doctor’s handwriting ( you probably understand if you have seen a doctors handwriting) to pharmacists improperly writing instructions on the prescription label.

Prescription Related Error

  • Ø Providing the wrong drug to the patient
  • Ø Providing the right drug, but the wrong dosage
  • Ø Pharmacist technician errors – Pharmacists are required to complete training and education, yet, often times, technicians who are not subject to the same oversight, are the ones pulling the computer data, filling the prescription, and putting labels on the bottles. This can lead to more problems.

Case Of Pharmacist

Doctors had diagnosed the woman, a mother of four, with breast cancer, and she received a prescription for Warfarin, which is a blood thinner. She had a high chance of fully recovering with chemotherapy, radiation, and drugs.

The woman took her prescription for one-milligram tablets to a pharmacy, but a 19-year-old pharmacy technician without much experience gave her ten-milligram tablets. After several weeks on this increased dosage, the woman suffered from severe headaches. She went to the hospital where the doctors diagnosed her with a brain hemorrhage. The improper dosage ending up paralyzing the woman and she could only communicate by blinking her eyes. The drug error forced her to remain hospitalized for nearly a year, which prevented her from finishing her cancer treatments. The woman ended up dying as a result, and her husband and minor children rightfully filed suit for negligence.

Please keep in mind that your case may be different than this, sometimes it is not always clear that you have been injured. However, if you believe that you or a loved one have been injured due to the mistakes of a pharmacist or pharmacy please contact me by clicking here on my name (Mark Perenich).

If you decide not to hire me please see the help of an experienced injury lawyer.


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