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Drunk Driving Accidents

Here in America we depend on automobiles everyday, they get us from point A to point B. They not only provide ease in transportation but personal freedom as well. Driving is a responsibility many of us take lightly, however the lack of care can lead to serious injury to yourself, others, and possibly even death. Drinking and driving increases the odds for injury and death significantly. Each year 16,000 deaths occur due to driving under the influence, and if that’s not bad enough another 300,000 people are injured.

People consume alcohol for numerous reasons but many include, increased relaxation, social ease, better sleep, excitement. Drinking alcohol for these reasons may not present a danger however, coupled with heavy, fast machinery like an automobile the combination can be deadly.

Bringing awareness to the community about the dangers of drinking and driving, and examining current measures in order to prevent these events from occurring are ways to minimize drunk driving. In this article I will inform readers on the legal climate of the subject and what you should do if you are involved with this type of incident.

The most common tool in the regulation of drinking is determining one’s BAC (blood alcohol concentration). This method is effective sometimes, the problem is once someone is in an accident, by time the police arrive the drunk driver’s BAC has lowered significantly. Another problem is that the American legal system is based on the idea that people are responsible for the actions that they voluntarily do, and some would argue that alcoholics do not have the ability to control their behavior and therefore should not be held responsible for the their actions. This may sound off topic but this is something the community/city/state must consider when determining legal ramifications.

Many of the ways to fight drunk driving involve either imposing restrictions on people before they get behind the wheel or punishing them after they have been arrested for drunk driving. Either way prevention is the key, whether you are hosting a party, your are drinking and were supposed to drive, or you are hit by a drunk driver there are many ways you can avoid drinking and driving. If you are around people who are supposed to driving but are instead drinking and are most likely over the legal limit, encourage them to use alternative transportation or stay with them until they can sober up. If you have had too much to drink, call a friend for a ride or take a cab home. Remember, the cost of a ride home is much less then legal fees after a DUI. If you are a designated driver be an offensive driver, be aware that there may be other drivers out on the road (especially) late at night or on holidays that are not paying attention. Always check your mirrors and intersections before crossing or switching lanes.

If you are involved in an accident with a drunk driver you should remain in your vehicle. and call the police immediately, next seek medical attention and notify your insurance company. After your injuries have been assessed the next step would be to seek legal representation. Remember you only have two weeks to see a doctor for your claim.


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