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Car Accidents FAQ’s

10 Things You Need To Do If You Are In A Car Accident

If you or someone you know is involved in a car accident, do the following:

  1.  First see to it that the driver and your passengers are safe call 911 if you feel medical attention is required are receiving proper medical attention.
  2. Call the police non-emergency line, as inform them that there was an accident. An accident report will be made and it could be very helpful later on.
  3. If someone has witnessed the accident taking place, ensure that you get their contact information along with other details. This very important, often times our clients forget to do this and it makes handling their case much more difficult
  4. Take pictures, even if you have ask someone to you their phone and email the pictures to yourself. Take pictures of your car, the other car, and the location of collision, including any skid marks.
  5. If your phone has video you may need to video tape the conditions, especially if there is a malfunctioning light. If you don’t have this ability, ask a bystander to email you the photos.
  6. Call an attorney 727-386-9677
  7. Call your Insurance company.
  8. Visit a doctor even if you feel a little sore, some injuries don’t feel like a big deal at first because you are still experiencing an adrenaline rush.
  9. Take pictures of any visible wound or bruise.
  10. Collect and organize any information you receive from medical providers, your insurance company, and your attorney.

About Car Accident Generally

A car accident can be one of the most traumatic experiences of a person’s life. Car Accidents are one of the most common reasons of Accidental deaths in U.S. and also one of the primary reasons for a person to get disabled. Road-traffic fatalities are so common today, that they even don’t make it to pages of a newspaper. According to National Highway Traffic System Administration (NHTSA) a road-traffic fatality is when a person dies within 30 days of a crash on U.S. public road involving a vehicle with an engine.

Let us, give you some statistics about Car accidents –

  • 5 people die every hour in the U.S., due to a car accident.
  • 30 people are injured every 7 minutes due to a car accident.
  • Each year America sees 6, 000, 000 + car accidents.
  • Each year 3, 000, 000 + people are injured in U.S. due to car accidents.
  • 2, 000, 000 + of those injuries result in some kind of permanent disability
  • 40 thousand road-traffic fatalities happen each year in U.S.


U.S. Laws for Car accidents
  • Culprit(s), whose negligence in whatsoever way resulted in car accident would be financially responsible for the property damaged, injury caused to person driving the vehicle and other riders, death due to accident and any other ramification.
  • If the culprit has been a repeat offender or was charged for (even received a ticket) over speeding, under influence of alcoholic or chemical substance, failure to lead etc. he / she can be charged for vehicular homicide.
  • Most of the states in U.S. have made it mandatory for people (especially regular drivers) to have liability insurance, so they can’t default from paying a victim his/her compensation.

Why Choose Mark Perenich and The Perenich Caulfield Avril Noyes Team?

With 30 years experience lawyer Mark Perenich not only brings experience, but also compassion and an ability to care for those who have gone through a painful experience like Car or Motorcycle accident. Mark Perenich and the firm have been crusaders for past 30 years in getting accident victims their due compensation from Insurance companies. Our firm has dealt with thousands of accident cases, some of which were complex to say the least. We have an understanding and clarity on what it takes for a victim to get their compensation, whether the case is settled out of court or goes through a jury trial.

Mark also have numerous accolades with over 30 years experience.


A victim (or family of a victim) of serious accident or personal injury can with all confidence and conviction call Mark Perenich today for consultation. Mark Perenich serves clients throughout Tampa Bay area (including Clearwater), St. Petersburg and Pinellas County.

F.A.Q.: Vehicular Accidents

Definitely Not, It’s the job of an investigator. Someone who is skilled for doing investigation knows the precaution to be taken before approaching an accident site and what to look for. You roaming around the sight of accident may raise suspicion from authorities or Insurance providers, who can see it as an act to con them; an investigator also has better skills in how to reply to doubts raised by authorities and Insurance providers. While being a victim or someone close to the victim, your primary concern should be to see that everyone is fine and have got medical care.

The claims for a vehicular accident injury are made on the following basis-

Liability of the accident – The tortfeasor (the person that caused who caused the accident) is deemed liable for an accident. The culprit can be a person, a malfunctioning part of the car etc.

Financial Loss – The Loss of Income, healthcare costs, damage of property (mostly car, goods, motorcycle etc.), Lots of care etc. Basically anything and everything that resulted in monetary loss due to the accident.

Insurance- This is where it gets complex. The claims? Who is liable for how much? Etc. something only competent lawyers can analyze.

Look for someone with experience in handling personal injury cases. A lawyer who has helped clients getting adequate compensation in personal injury cases in past will be an added advantage. Look for someone with repute but don’t forget to also look into if the lawyer is compassionate, caring and understands what you are going through.

Actually, you must. After suffering from a traumatic car accident the primary objective should be to get proper medical care and in getting healthy. An attorney can in that time analyze the case in detail, do the necessary research and build up a case. Hiring a Lawyer will also ensure that you and your family members have peace of mind and are awarded a suitable compensation.

Common Injuries That Arise From Car Accidents

Car accidents are the most common traffic collisions but the injuries that they lead to can be fatal. According to U.S. National highway Traffic system Administration (NHTSA) reports, there are 89 deaths in U.S. each day due to Motor vehicle accidents and a motor vehicle accident related injury happens every 14 seconds in U.S. There is no set of rules that define that where; being in car accident can an injury be inflicted upon you. Even the reasons of a Car accident can vary from negligence of a driver to Vehicle factors. According to a study conducted in 1985 that used the data of British and American car accidents and collisions; 57 % of the car accidents are due to driver’s own fault (negligence, alcohol intake etc.) 27% due to the combined effect of driver’s fault and roadways factors (failure to lead etc.), 3% of the accidents are solely due to roadway factors, 3% due to combined effect of driver’s fault roadway and vehicle factors (non maintenance, faulty parts etc.), 2% due to vehicle factors only and 1% due to the combined effect of roadway and vehicle factors.

People involved in Car accidents have been found to have injuries / multiple injuries in several parts of body, depending on where they were seating, what was the collision with, if there was a flying cargo or object that hit them due to collision etc. Let’s look briefly at the type of injuries a Car accident can lead to in different parts of a Human Body.

Injury inflicted on Head and Brain

In the case of a car accident or collision, the most common type of injury that happens is the one inflicted on the head or brain due to impact from the steering wheel, dashboard or roof etc. The extent of the injury depends on the severity of the collision; it can just be light concussion or may lead toTraumatic Brain Injury (TBI) like subdural hematoma. Injury like subdural hematoma occurs when Blood gathers in the outermost meningeal layer of the brain and can cause increase in Intracranial Pressure, damage to brain tissues. There can also be bruises on head and even serious injury that can cause damage to sight, hearing etc. depending on how the collision occurred.

Injury on Face

When a car accident occurs, Face is the most uncovered part of the body and an injury can happen due to any factor from broken glass splinters to different parts of the car that came in contact with the face. Broken glass pieces and other sharp object can inflict laceration on face, scars etc. In a car collision if the area of contact with the body of the car is near the jaw line it can lead to Temporomandibular disorders of the jaw (TMJ) or in the case of mouth can disfigure the teeth and cause bruises or cuts on the lips.

Injury on Neck

In a normal car accident where a rider experienced jolting it’s common to have a whiplash in the neck area which can cause damage to the attached ligaments or vertebrate and also neck pain which can cause huge discomfort. When a car accident happens while the vehicles are moving at very high speeds such that the impact on collision is huge and instantaneous, it can cause significant to the neck which may result in disc injury or cervical radiculopathy.

Injury on Chest or Thoracic Diaphragm

With the standard placement of Airbags that car companies now use, chest or Diaphragm injury have become uncommon but still they do occur when the airbags fail to open or when the severity of collision is too high. When a collision occurs, a driver or passenger may break their ribs or breast boneby colliding with the steering wheel, dashboard or seats etc. The thoracic diaphragm is a thin sheet of muscle that is found under the lungs, usually itgets tear due to a sharp object or collision in the lower area of chest.

Injury on back or Spinal disc

Back or Spinal cord injuries are one of the most common injury due to a car accident but ones whose symptoms may normally be seen only after considerable time has passed. There are many different type of back or spinal disc injuries that a person who has gone through a traumatic Car accident can face, some of the most common among them are

  • Ø Spinal Disc Herniation / Bulging Disc – In disc herniation a tear in the outer ring (annulus fibrosus) of an intervertebral disc allows the central portion (nucleus pulposus) to bulge out. It results in release of inflammatory chemical mediators which causes acute pain.
  • Ø Disc protrusion– Disc protrusion is a condition similar to spinal disc herniation but it is not caused by a tear that makes the central portion to bulge out permanently but instead the central portion bulge out only when the one or more discs are under pressure.
  • Ø Radicular Pain– Radicular pain is a pain that occurs near the dermatome of a nerve because of the irritation of the nerve root at where it’s connected to the spinal column.
  • Ø Back spasms / Back Pain – A back pain can occur from different regions of the vertebral column – Thoracic, Lumbar or Sacral Spine and usually originates from bones, joints, muscles and other structures in the spinal cord.
  • Injury on Pelvis and/or Abdomen

Though car crashes mainly affect the upper part of the body in a seating position, it’s not uncommon to see injuries inflicted on the pelvis or abdominal region by a jolt or through gear and other handles or interior car parts. A consequential collision can also result in hip fracture or deep injury in the abdominal organs like kidney, liver and spleen.

Injury on legs, knee or feet

A car accident can severely damage legs and knee of a passenger or a driver if the leg or knee came in direct contact with a car part during collision. A heavy collision can cause the cartilage of the knee to tear or fall apart or can cause multiple fractures in the bones of the leg, which may take a lot of time to heal and make normal activities like walking, running inconvenient. A car accident can easily cause strain or sprain in the feet, toes or ankle if proper footwear wasn’t worn while riding in the car. In some traumatic accidents the toes can also be cleaved from the feet.

Internal Injuries

While external injuries due to a car accident can be easily seen, the internal injuries take a lot of time to be found. Punctured lungs, damage to heart, lungs, bladder, liver, reproductive system etc. can happen if the car accident was fierce. The internal injuries don’t heal easily, take a lot of time to recover and in some cases also results in death due to organ failure.

Psychological Injuries

After going through a traumatic car accident, it’s not uncommon to find people suffering from Post traumatic stress disorder (PSTD) or suffering from regular bouts of anxiety or depression. A car accident can impact a person psyche and make them fear for even the minutest dangers or make them extra cautious toward everything. Even family members and friends of people who have gone through car accident or died in it can face psychological disorder apart from the person who was involved in the accident.


Dealing With Car Accident Injuries

When you’re involved in a car accident, your world could turn upside down. It’s not an easy thing to deal with at all. It’s for that reason that you should look into getting a helping hand. The best way to get assistance is to ask a lawyer to help you deal with the complications that could arise. At first glance, you may be wondering if you could get compensation or at least your bills paid for, and the answer is yes. However, you cannot do this without the helping hands of a professional. It may sound like something that could be expensive, but it’s really a matter of defending your rights, and not expense. No one wants to have to deal with the consequences that come after being involved with a wreck, which is why lawyers can assist with whatever may come as a result of the impact. Whether you have a serious car accident injury or you just need help navigating the legal seas, consider hiring an attorney.

Finding a Personal Injury lawyer

  • Before you jump at the chance to call a legal professional, consider your rights. As a driver, no matter who’s at fault, you have rights that can be trampled on quickly. This is often seen in cases where one driver is quick to sue the other, meanwhile talking to insurance companies and filling claims. Not only that, a person still has to deal with the bills that could mount up, and going to work, alongside other issues. When your rights are taken away or not considered, before all of this happens, you could be in a frenzied, anxious position. It’s for that reason that you should look into calling a car accident attorney, and asking for some advice.

Most consultations will be free, and you’ll be asked very specific questions. If you have a case, a lawyer will go to court for you, in defense and to help get you back on your feet. The whole point of the legal system is to ensure that your rights are not violated, and you don’t have to deal with the pressure that surmounts from getting into an accident. This is not a call to sue, and it is not a call to try and circumvent the legal process, but rather shield you from that. Some people are opportunists and will immediately file suit to get money, which is wrong. Without legal help, you could be taken for a ride.

Medical bills, insurance company issues, and so much more can start to hit you hard. There’s just nothing that you can do to stop them, unless you get a helping hand. Attorneys in this field are not just specialists in the law, they work with people and are friendly. They seek to help those that are in dire need, often times shaken up from the impact of automotive problems, injuries and more. It’s their main goal to ensure that consumer rights are not violated and trampled on. Whether it’s by law enforcement or insurance companies trying to drag their feet, you’ll find that there are a great deal of problems that could arrive.

Being a victim of a car accident cannot be easy on anyone, both from health and financial point of view. The time it takes to recover depends on the severity of the accident and the costs include medical care, hospital stay, medicines, physiotherapy etc. It is natural for a person or family to seek compensation for the ordeal they go through after the car accident. Running from hospitals to insurance company offices can also take a toll. An attorney specializing in Car accident cases can be of great help for individuals and family who are going through the ordeal without any fault of theirs. While the victim and his / her family can concentrate on getting back to a healthy and fit life, a lawyer can see that the culprit (hit and run) are booked and due compensation is received if it happened due to fault of the driver at the other end or from companies who were responsible due to non-maintenance of infrastructure, putting faulty parts in the vehicle etc.

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