What you need to know about law school

by Michael Perenich

At times when school was tough I would always think back to my friend from University of South Florida that lived in his car, and got by with only the essentials. I offered him my couch to sleep on, but he declined because he didn’t want to be burdensome—this was his cross to bear. This first thing I noticed about this relatively quiet and interesting character was that he was well-spoken, and always prepared for class. The next thing I noticed was that he was very busy, later I found out he was taking almost twice the normal load of classes. This was a very sh0cking revelation, when I asked him he told me that he was going to complete two years of undergrad in one–and he did. Not only did he graduate, but he got straight A’s. He went to law school, graduated, and became barred in 4 states, I invite you to look him up, Augustus Invictus.

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