This video sheds light on the problems involved with the Board of Medicine in Florida and the internal policing thereof. This report will leave you wondering, how do they let the stuff happen? And that’s a question many of our clients ask themselves after something like this happens to them. Ostensibly the Florida legislature has been persuaded that medical malpractice lawsuits are out of control, and they’ve put limitations on people bringing legitimate and rightful claims such as the one seen this video. The assault on personal injury attorneys, and the American civil justice system was launched by the federal Chamber of Commerce and other special business interests that seek to maximize their own profits by minimizing potential claims plaintiffs may have against them. In other words big businesses are receiving better protection under law while normal everyday people Due to the lack of prosecution by the Florida Board of medicine, attorneys are asked to enforce the law and file lawsuits against doctors. It should be understood that doctors make mistakes, everyone makes mistakes, but the question is: did the doctor deviate from the standard of care and did that deviation cause the plaintiff substantial injuries?.

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