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Road Site Accidents

Mark Perenich is a personal injury lawyer in the Clearwater, Tampa, St Pete area, he knows how congested and busy the road get.  If you have to pull over please use caution, may accident

In a gruesome and sad accident on 13th July, Hudson based Terry Maurice Edwards, 72 and Zephyrhills based Kenneth Michael Demmith, 29 died after surviving a crash of their vehicles, when a 3rd vehicle driven by Hudson based John Lindsay, 59 slammed into them.

At about 9:10 P.M. on the evening of 13th July Mr. Edwards was headed on Hudson Avenue west of Edwards Road in a 1996 Chevrolet Silverado pickup. At the same time, Mr. Demmith was headed west on the same road in his Lifan G20-5 motorcycle, riding without a helmet.

When the truck and the motorcycle were close, Mr. Edwards took a left turn into a private driveway at 11029 Hudson Ave. While doing so, he came into the path of the motorcycle being driven by Mr. Demmith, which stuck the back of the truck and spun. This caused Mr. Demmith to be thrown onto the road.

Mr. Edwards stopped his truck and got out to check on Mr. Demmith. That’s when a 2007 Chevrolet Silverado driven by Houdson based John Lindsay, 59 was headed east on the same road. The truck driven by Mr. Lindsay stuck Mr. Edwards and Mr. Demmeith, killing both on the spot.

Even though alcohol wasn’t a culprit in wither of the crash, this incident is a chilling reminder of how small acts of negligence on the part of drivers can add up to cause a fatal accident. The blame can’t be attributed to a single driver or a single act. There was negligence on part of everyone involved in the accident. Negligence on part of Mr. Demmith in not using a helmet while riding his motorcycle, negligence on part of Mr. Edwards in attempting to take a turn while another vehicle was so close and negligence on part of Mr. Lindsay who must have been driving at such speed, making it impossible to stop the vehicle in a short interval of time.


Keeping Safe While Driving

Highway safety, driving safe, DUI etc. are all stuffs which are taught to individuals right from their schools, not to forget the numerous billboards and flyers that constantly remind you of keeping yourself and other drivers safe while driving. Still, there are a lot of people who either don’t take safe driving seriously or don’t pay much importance to the precautions they must ensure while driving. Most of the accident happens because of human fault rather than a problem with the machine. Let’s look at some of the most common reasons that causes accidents on the highway and how to prevent them-


  • Seat-Belt – The first and most important thing while you get inside your car is to buckle up your seat-belt, no excuses. Yes even though that’s the most basic rule that is repeated often, yet a lot of people don’t abide by it.
  • Keep a safe Distance – Most drivers forget to take into account the time and distance it will take them if they have to stop their vehicle all of a sudden. Doesn’t matter where you are riding, on the highway or in the city, maintaining a safe distance ensures you can remain safe in emergency situations when you have to apply those brakes all of a sudden.
  • Honor the Road Signs – The signs mentioning speed limits, STOP signs and others posted alongside the highways or roads are put there for a reason. Honoring the speed limit can ensure that you are safe even in unexpected situations. Similarly, a STOP sign is for you to be cautious, stop the vehicle, and check both sides of the road before moving ahead.
  • Mirrors- Most people get inside their cars and don’t bother to check the mirrors. Yes, we are talking about rearview mirrors and side mirrors. Adjusting these mirrors according to your preference, such that they give you a good visibility of the vehicles right behind you and adjacent to you, helps you in navigating your way properly on the roads. Without creating any kind of disturbances for your fellow riders and safeguarding you from accidents.
  • Don’t use Gadgets – Even though most states have enacted laws against using your smartphones and other gadgets while driving, some individual don’t take them seriously and disobey the law. These laws have been enacted for a reason; even when there isn’t a law regarding usage of devices one must cautiously avoid using them. Whenever you are distracted by something else other than driving, you are basically giving accident a chance to happen.
  • Shoulder of the road MUST be used for Pulling Over – No matter what the situation is, never stop your car in the middle of the road. If you think there is something wrong with the vehicle or there has been an accident, pull over only at the shoulder of the road. This way you don’t create an obstacle for other vehicles driving on road, especially those who are moving at high speed and will have problems navigating in a short notice.

Though some of these rules apply to Motorcycles as well, Motorcycle riders need to drive with extra caution, owing to the fact that their vehicles have to be ‘balanced’ while riding, a shortcoming cars and other four wheelers don’t have and also the fact that they don’t have a shield in the form of the outer body of a vehicle that can safeguard them from suffering severe injuries, again a shortcoming that four wheel rides don’t have. Here are a few safety tips that specifically apply to motorcycle riders-Motor bike

  • Helmet is Your Best Friend – Regardless of how many times this advice has been repeated, it doesn’t takes away the significance of using a helmet. A lot of states have enacted helmet laws but still that doesn’t prevent a lot of motorcycle riders from riding without a helmet. In the event of a crash, the only thing preventing you from getting severe brain injury is that helmet.
  • Protective Gear – These constitutes of gloves, boots, jackets etc. that must be used while riding a motorcycle. These protective gears are the only shields that protect your skin from coming in direct contact of the road, when an accident occurs. Protective gears that safeguard your elbows, shoulders and knees reduce the chances of fractures, broken bones and tendons in the event of a crash.
  • Navigating the Curves – Single vehicle accident at turns and curves is too prominent among motorcycle accidents. Most of these accidents happen because the rider runs wide on the curve due to speeding, under –cornering or a fall caused by over braking. One must make sure to navigate a curve or turn with as slow speed as possible.
  • Don’t be an aggressive rider – A lot of motorcycle accidents happen only because the rider was driving too aggressively, trying to overtake everyone and everything, slip through every corner of vacant space. Riding a motorcycle with confidence is a different thing than riding aggressively. While driving its very important to respect the other riders too and keeping a calm demeanor.


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Mark Perenich is a personal injury lawyer in Clearwater with over 30 years of experience.

Bike hit by a car?

Bicycle Accidents

Mark Perenich has handled numerous accidents where a pedestrian on a bike was hit by a car. These are very unfortunate accident be sure to chose an attorney with the skills and qualifications to help you.


Look at this guy, he was in a bike accident. Probably hit by a car, not a good time. He needs a personal injury lawyer NOW!
Look at this guy, he was in a bike accident. Probably hit by a car, not a good time. He needs a personal injury lawyer NOW!

I would first off like to say: if you are riding you bike, PLEASE wear a helmet. If you do not have one check back as I will be giving one away.


What To Do When Your Bicycle Is Hit By A Car

More and more people are riding their bikes on a regular basis. You may be one of the millions that have taken to the streets with one of these, and you’re in danger. There’s an inherent danger when you’re trying to share the road in a legal manner, because there are motorists that will try and side swipe you and cause you a great deal of headache. You’ll find that without the help of a highly motivated bicycle accident lawyer, you could end up dealing with a lot of problems associated with getting hit. From paying for your medical bills to buying a new bicycle, you’ll find yourself in a world of issues that you may not be ready to deal with.

Hiring a Lawyer For Protection

When looking for a bicycle accident lawyer Clearwater, you will not just be doing it for the purpose of getting monetary compensation, you will be getting protection against the violations of your rights. As a bicyclist, you have rights that other motorists may have. If you’re struck by a vehicle, and you go down, they have committed a criminal act if they decide to run off. Not only that, they are liable for your damages and medical bills. If they stop and throw money at you, or they speed off, make sure that you hire a lawyer immediately. Not only that, you want to protect yourself against frivolous lawsuits.

Some motorists will try to say that the accident was your fault, and will even sue you for damages that they incur on their vehicle. This may be a problem on many levels, and the last thing you want to do is try to fight it on your own. With a bike accident or even a pedestrian accident, rights can be violated swiftly so be careful.

Getting Back on Your Bike

Getting back to your routine, riding your bike, and trying to live your life on your terms after an accident is going to be difficult. However, it is not something that is impossible, or should cause you any sort of distress. Making sure that you are able to heal, and get back on your bike, back to work, and live your life according to your terms is something that can be done with the help of legal, and medical professionals.

It’s easy for others to try and trample all over your rights. This is especially true when many legal teams try to fight to get money from innocent victims. Don’t allow anyone to trample your rights or steal your money, get protected and helped with an attorney that specializes in bicycle accidents and injuries. You will find that with a helping hand, you can fight back, and get your medical bills covered, and then some. There’s no reason why you should fight alone, or feel like you’re alone out there. There is hope for a brighter future, and it is found with the assistance of a legal team that will have your back.