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A Hart bus was involved in an accident, some were injured, thankful there were no deaths involved.  There is no word as to who is at fault but when someone is involved a car accident with a big bus such as the city transit bus, we can expect to see serious property damage. Here at Perenich Caulfield law firm we do not see too many bus accidents like this one. One danger that is involved is that those that are on the bus do not have seatbelts or they may be standing. The subjects these people to falling or losing their balance, and injuring themselves. In a picture provided by the St. Petersburg Times or Tampa Bay times there is a picture of a pregnant woman getting off the bus, she appears to have sustained no injuries, however it is hard to tell when injuries are internal. Sometimes people can have herniated disc, intruding discs, cervical strains, lumbar strains, and many other internal injuries that can result in the need for surgery. I hope that everyone that was involved in this accident turns out to be okay.

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