Auto accidents Do I need an Injury lawyer?

The truth is that bad things can happen to anyone at anytime, not that you needed me to tell you that. There are some mistakes that people make that do have consequences that flow from that event. Some of these mistakes can lead to court appearances and heavy fines added in. If you get to this point, it may be a good idea to talk to an attorney and find out your rights. It is always better to have someone else on your side when you get into a bind, the other party has an attorney, so should you.

There are a few methods people use to find a good lawyer.

One can simply look in the yellow pages (which no one uses) or the inter-webs for a listing of the local attorneys in your area. You can call around until you find one that is willing to listen and help you with your situation. Alternatively one can find a good firm through referrals. One can ask around for some good advice from people that have used one before. This is usually a good way to get help with this kind of need.

Quick tip: Go to the Florida Bar’s website and check to make sure your lawyer is in good standing with bar:

There are lots of reasons why someone may need to hire an attorney. It can be anything from a simple traffic violation to more serious things like assault or theft. Whatever the reasons may be, you should find an attorney that only handles certain kinds of law. For some attorneys they will specialize in a specific part. This is always going to be the best way to go when you are trying to get the best possible representation.

Many times people may find that they need to have a family matter or real estate matter taken care of through the court system. When this happens, it is going to be required that you get an attorney to help you settle the matter. If you are trying to get something resolved in court, you need to have the proper representation so that you have a fighting chance. I know people that have resolved personal injury claims by themselves, and they may get say $40,000. However, with proper representation they may have received $400,000.00

In some states you must hire an attorney before you purchase or sell a home. You will find it necessary to have an attorney handle some of the paperwork, although this is not the case in Florida. It is just the normal formality things that they have to settle. It is a lot easier on you when you find someone that is an expert in their field so you will avoid future problems. You will have a better time at getting everything handled in a timely manner.

Depending on the state and they type of case, an attorney will require a retainer be paid up front before they perform any service, or before they begin make themselves available. This is usually a few hundred dollars, although some lawyers will barter for something. It covers some of the up front costs so that they can get started on fighting your case. This is a formality so you should make sure that you could afford the attorney before you decide to choose them.

Here at Perenich Caulfield Avril Noyes (formally Perenich and Carroll) we do not always take retainers, we work of a contingency. Which means we do not get paid unless we win your case! This also means that if you decide whether you want to settle your case or if you want to go to trial. However, be advised that going to trial may mean that you will not receive any money or compensation. It’s unfortunate, but this happens to people that have weak cases.

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