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Hit and run accident

I wanted to start a blog to inform people about important things and about things going on in personal injury law. I will be updating my website from time to time, and I will blog on a wide variety of topics. I invite you to bookmark (command+D, or Control+D) and enjoy the ride.

Types of law we practice

My law firm has been around for almost 60 years and we have been exclusively practicing personal injury law for that period of time. We handle all different types of cases here concerning personal injury law, even from the most complex medical malpractice cases down to a very simple car accident we can help you.  While there are many attorneys in the Tampa bay area that practice personal injury, they primarily do easy car accident cases, that is not the case at my firm.  We take on some of the most complex cases this state has to offer.  We can do this because, we have been around long enough, and we have skilled enough to go toe to toe with the best. If you feel that you would like quality legal representation, then please contact us today.

Slip and fall lawyer Clearwater

We also handle slip and fall, trip and fall or premise liability cases where a person has fell on someone else’s property when they are not at fault. Premise liability cases arise in various different ways, but a simple fall can be very costly to a person due to all the medical bills and rehabilitation they must undergo to return to their previous state of health. A simple depression and a roadway, a improperly placed speedbump, or a curve that is not properly painted, can cause serious injuries to a person. We have seen dramatic brain injuries, herniated discs, protruding disc, concussions, broken hips, and many other types of injuries associated with us liability, or slip and falls

Often times people are afraid of suing a big corporation if they were to slip and fall inside of a shopping market, or mall. We have battle some of the biggest grocery stores, supermarkets, or retail stores in the United States and we have one those battles for our clients we can help you if you have been involved in a premise liability, or slip and fall. Please call 727-386-9677 like to know if you have a case today.



 Mark Perenich is a personal injury attorney in Clearwater